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The OPICO grass harrowing concept simply transforms the way you work your grass. The angle of the tine combined with the overall design of the harrow makes it ideal for stimulating new grass or renovating old pastures.


With an OPICO Grass Harrow, leys can be re-vitalised and dry matter yields boosted. You can attach an OPICO Air Seeder, and oversow old worn leys to boost grass and clover content, or start afresh and put down a brand new ley with the harrow and seeder combination.


The OPICO Grass Harrow covers every inch of the ground, thanks to its unique contour flexing tine bed. It clears moss, opens the surface, improves aeration and encourages growth. Like all good ideas it is very simple and is now recommended by thousands of farmers who have switched to this common-sense approach to what used to be a ‘harrowing’ job.





Hidden profit

Harrow and Air Seeder are vital tools in finding that hidden profit in your pasture. Simple low cost operations such as over-seeding into an existing ley boost the yield and prolong the useful life of the sward whilst a complete re-seed rejuvenates the whole pasture bringing back vitality and maximum yields. The hidden profit, in terms of extra milk or increased live weight gain from forage rather than costly supplements, ends up where it belongs - in your pocket. In trials, grass yields have been increased by over 40% by re-seeding and up to 25% by over-seeding and more importantly the M.E. (Metabolisable Energy) of the fodder is improved considerably giving you better quality, low cost home produced feed.


The OPICO Air Seeder unit broadcasts the new seed consistently and evenly whilst the Grass Harrow creates the ideal tilth and then covers the seed in. Ten different tine angle settings and variable tine pressure coupled with an infinitely variable seed rate between 1 and 80 kg per hectare mean that you can set up the Grass Harrow and Seeder to do whichever job you want.

The Grass Harrow and Air Seeder can either be used for a full re-seed, to over-seed an existing ley or to patch seed damaged areas of a field.

Look after your grass

To ensure the long term productivity of your ley, an integrated approach to grassland management is required. Compaction and surface capping can be removed using an OPICO Sward Lifter and the ground can be further aerated to stimulate grass growth using a Sward Slitter. To ensure the correct pH and availability of nutrients for maximum grass growth, soil tests should be carried out to identify nutrient shortfalls and then fertiliser formulations and applications can be cost-effectively tailored to ensure a lack of nutrients is not reducing grass quantity and quality.


Inspections should also be carried out through the year to monitor weed populations. Herbicide and pesticide strategies can then be put in place to control weed infestations. Overseeding bare areas in winter-damaged leys with a harrow and seeder will also prevent weed ingress, and lengthen the life of the ley.


Gas Grain Dryers  

Why get caught out by another wet harvest when OPICO's Grain Dryers have the solution.

Easy to install and relocate when necessary, OPICO Grain Dryers do not require vast expenditure on handling equipment and our Gas Grain Dryers can easily dry up to 168 tons per day automatically, with minimal supervision. Using gas with 3 phase or PTO drive OPICO dryers recirculate the grain constantly to dry thoroughly and consistently whilst improving hectolitre weights and augmenting quality.

Revitalise leys


• Clear out moss and trash clogging the base of the sward.

• Drag out shallow-rooted weeds like chickweed and annual meadow grass.

• Open up the soil surface and let oxygen get to the roots.

• Release locked-up surface nitrogen to the growing ley.

• Break up and disperse clumps of slurry and muck.

• Iron out molehills to prevent silage making problems.


The net effect is a more vigorous and re-vitalised ley, often appearing darker green thanks to the breakdown of the nitrogen cap on the soil surface which is made available to the grass.

The most important angle on the OPICO Grass harrow is built into every tine. Firstly, its oil hardened spring wire has three times the service life of a normal sprung steel wire. The tine itself has an effective angle, but the tines within the bed can be adjusted allowing for ten different tine settings depending on the work to be done. 48 tines per 1.5m bed with 30mm spacing creates more pressure per tine point and good self cleaning action. The tine uses a triple coil spring which increases vibration and improves the harrowing effect.