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Roto 40.24MCSS


Ease of use and ergonomics of the controls are two of the key features of the Roto. The innovative multi-functional armrest, built with automotive style materials, is extremely intuitive to use and equipped with automatic systems for positioning the stabilisers. Even less experienced operators can manoeuvre the Roto effectively. The entire range is equipped with a powerful 170HP engine combined with an electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission Eco Power Drive – EPD – that allows the engine rpm to be reduced when high power is not required. In addition, the dry disc brakes make it possible to limit the absorbsion of energy thereby reducing the consumption of the machine. The Roto is fully compatible with a wide choice of attachments specifically designed for Merlo telehandlers and interfaced with the exclusive automatic recognition system.

Engine: Iveco Tier 4 final 170HP
Transmission: Hydrostatic
Maximum speed: 40km/h
Hydraulic system: LS Load Sensing and FS Flow Sharing
Joystick: Electronic
Air-con: opt

  1. Lift Capacity 6000kg

  2. Lift height 24m

  3. Tilting Cab

  4. Load Sensing & Flow Sharing Pump

  5. Hydrostatic Transmission