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Kubota M4002

Agricultural Tractor



The Kubota M4002 is the perfect all-rounder for farm work requirements. Thanks to reliable and proven technology, you can rely on the M4002 in all conditions.


Exceptionally powerful

Kubota's modern 4-cylinder engines provide high levels of power. 


Smooth gear shifting

The fully synchronized transmission, with optional powershift enables smooth shifting. 

Comfortable working environment

The Ultra Grand Cab II is extremely roomy and comfortable. 

Particularly strong

The hydraulics provide full lifting power for all your work requirements. 

Perfectly matched

The M4002 agricultural tractor and the LA1365 front loaders together provide maximum versatility and efficiency. 

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Kubota's 66 hp and 74 hp 4-cylinder engines are powerful, clean and quiet.

The 3.3-litre V3307 series CR-T engines feature high-pressure fuel injection, to deliver maximum power and torque.

Optimised performance and torque curves mean less noise and wear, as well as lower fuel consumption.

With the constant speed controller, you can control the engine speed very precisely.

With the engine speed memory, you can store speed settings for repetitive operations.



The M4002 and Kubota’s LA1365 series front loaders together provide maximum versatility and efficiency

The front loader can quickly be mounted and dismounted without any tools

Optional hydraulic self-levelling of the front loader ensures a constant loader angle for safe and precise operation.

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