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Merlo MF40.9



Merlo is the first company on the market to have transformed the concept of a tractor with a telescopic boom into reality. The multifarmer range consists of 2 models, a smaller and a larger model. The smaller model, the MF40.9, has a lift capacity of 4.0 tonnes with a lift height of 9 metres. This model is equipped with a 170hp engine and are managed by the EPD hydrostatic system which enables reduction in fuel consumption, allowing all handler and tractor operations to be carried out efficiently. The multifarmer has been designed to carry out both handler and conventional tractor operations – fitted with a 2 speed P.T.O, 3 point linkage, rear spool valves and a pick up hitch. All Merlo Standard Cabs are spacious and easily accessed, but the CS models are fitted with cab suspension to enhance this comfort. The auto accelerating electronic joystick with direction control allows the operator to control the powerful flow sharing hydraulic system with ease and precision. A further option, unique to Merlo, is Frame Levelling – built into the front axle. This allows the operator to level the machine on a slope. Safety, a priority in all Merlo Machines, is enhanced by the inclusion of the Merlo CDC system. This allows accurate load monitoring. This range comes standard with pick up hitch trailer braking and tractor type approval. These features make the Heavy Duty Turbofarmer ideal for towing trailers for all agricultural requirements.

  1. Lift Capacity 4000kg
  2. Lift height 9 metres
  3. Optional CVTronic

  4. Optional cab Suspension

Models Available:

  • MF40.9CS

See Merlo UK Ltd webpage for more details:

Merlo - MF40.9